Lebensfreude - The Backstory Behind my Bubble Birbs Collection

Lebensfreude - The Backstory Behind my Bubble Birbs Collection

My life’s essence could easily be summed up in the words: “It’s the little things”

The glint of sunlight on a vase of dried flowers, the smell of wet earth after an autumn rain, the sound of the leaves rustling gently (or fiercly!) in the wind. The warmth of a fresh cup of hot chocolate, a glance between strangers saying “yep, same here”

And birds. Oh how I love them! They are everywhere, living their lives, ready to enrich yours if you just stop to take a little time and LOOK. The small birds that hop so cutely from branch to branch, the large birds that soar or float majestically, they all have something to offer if we are willing to see.

And also, wouldn’t it be funny if they wore hats?


Giving birds a little extra whimsy is one of my favorite things to do. After my more serious “Strength” Collection, in which I focused on the different things that give us strength in challenging times of life, I wanted to highlight the capacity of finding joy – even in tough times. "Lebensfreude" is the German word for "the joy of living" which I hope we can all feel just a little more through this body of art.

The inspiration for this specific collection started with a challenge. An art challenge. A bird art challenge! In October of each year, the marvelous artist Andrea Holmes from McKinney, Texas hosts an online art challenge in which she provides a list of 31 birds – one for each day of the month. Artists from all around the world “gather” to celebrate these birds by depicting them in their own styles and mediums. It’s amazing and invigorating, and this past year I decided I wanted to make a big deal of it for myself and create a full body of work.

I chose round panels of stretched canvas to bring the lightness of “no corners or straight edges” and bright, intense colors to emphasize the joy of living. Each bird has its own character – some are very classy with their hats, some are cheerful, others are calm and serious – and yes, others are just 100% silly!


Smiles are what make the world a better place, and I hope these birds bring a smile to your heart – and maybe even your face! May bringing one of these birds into your home be a constant reminder that *you* are in charge of how much beauty you see. How much joy you find. Some days/months/years it’s harder than others. For 100% sure. But there is always beauty. Look to the birds. And smile.

You’ve got this! Let’s party!


~Erica ♥

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I still absolutely love that rooster with the yellow background!
And I’ve been “in a funk” too. Hoping to pull out of it soon!

Dawn Daily

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